Village of Yagyu

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◆Tourist Brochures of Yagyu Village [ 3 ]

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Tourist Brochures of Yagyu Village

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■Nanmyo-ji temple

The temple was built by Senbou Makiyama at the same time of Buddhism introduction and it is said that Murodou (climbing base) in the temple was originally introduced to the temple.

■Old Yagyu road

Old Yagyu road from Shitakaba-cho to Yagyu.
Old stone Buddhas can be seen on the stone road of Takisaka-no-michi along Noto-gawa river.

■Enjo-ji temple

The main building can be thought as a rare architectural style of Kasugazukuri (Kasuga architectual style). Daiichi-nyoraizou (Buddha statue) created by Unkei during his 20's is placed in the building.

Village of Yagyu